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New Furnishing Dilemma

On-Time Delivery

65% of the Customers don’t receive their heavy furnishing delivered to them on time.

Online Buying

75% of the time, the furnishing that customers see online, turns out to be different when it arrives offline.

Quality Wearout

8 out of 10 Customers end up buying cheap furnishing in haste that does not last long and wears out within a few years.

A Little Story

With more than 21 years of Experience

We help your home come to life with our wide range of comforting furnishing fabrics, home decors and turnkey projects. Our purpose is to breathe magic into your homes, hotels and offices serving happiness and luxury in your lifestyle.

To counter the problems of quality wear out and delay in delivery, our products are selected to be sold through a standardised process and a vigorous checklist that is overlooked by our furnishing expert witnesses, keeping quality, durability, comfort and basic specialities in mind. We keep track of our deliveries with the help of an ERP system that promises on-time deliveries with no wear and tear of the furnishing. 

Few more word

We create functional, beautiful interiors for our clients since 1999.

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