Never Settle For Mediocrity When Brilliance Can Be Yours

Are you tired of multiple failures in setting up a mindful lifestyle?

Do you want to get rid of anxiety? Can't stop procrastinating?  Unable to focus? Want to multiply your income? Need smart hacks and realistic solutions? Messed up the work-life balance? 

Do you want to
get rid of anxiety?
Can't stop
Unable to focus? Want to multiply 
your income?
Need smart hacks
and realistic solutions?
Messed up the 
work-life balance? 

Never Settle For
Mediocrity When
Brilliance Can Be

Need to hit the reset button on your life? Here's the Clockwise
- Winner's Routine to help you tap your hidden potential.

8th - 12th October

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Your bad lifestyle costs
more than you think!

Health Risks

A study conducted by the American Diabetes Association shows that an irritable sleeping schedule increases obesity, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure.

Killing opportunities due to procrastination

80% of those who procrastinate claimed they have faced setbacks in their professional life because of lethargy.

Burnout due to poor Work-Life Balance

According to WHO Burnout comes with a loss of productivity and fulfilment at work, exhaustion, isolation from people, deteriorated attention span, and suboptimal outcomes.

This is where Clockwise Winner's Routine comes to your rescue.

Free yourself from the negative aspects
of your routine in just 5 days.

This will be your Lifestyle After joining Clockwise -Winner’s Routine

Reset your biological clock  ➡️ To sync body, mind and soul 

Boost your productivity ➡️ To excel at professional life

Kill laziness and procrastination ➡️ To build your dream life 

Become an early riser ➡️ To stay ahead 

Digital Detoxification ➡️ To strengthen your focus

87% of our Members have claimed to achieve a greater physical and mental breakthrough by experiencing 10X productivity.

Get the Perfect
Mind And Body Balance With

Clockwise Winner's Routine

In this 5-day power-packed workshop, acquire scientific techniques to reset your biological clock and become the best version of yourself. Experience the magic of Brahma Muhurat at 5 am every day.

Join us and unleash your hidden potential with our 3 step Success Blueprint – The EMS.

Change your life in 5 Days using our popular EMS Strategy.

Welcome to this roller coaster ride
to live the winner’s routine


Sleep ➡️ Rejuvenate ➡️ Repeat 🔁

👉5 Secrets to increase your Deep Sleep

👉Know your 4 biological cycles


Majestic Morning

👉3 Techniques to experience the Morning miracle


Less URL. More IRL.

👉3 dynamic techniques to digital detox


Get Started to get ahead

👉3 techniques to build a Strategic Mind

👉Kill procrastination


Art of Instating winner’s habit

👉4 Roadblocks to success 

👉 5 Mantras to manifest your 


Get on the road to brilliance INR 299/-

Enrolment Benefits

Expert Teacher

Your special Coach Jatin Gulati has expertise in mind management and has a deep understanding of the subject of life training

Perfect blend of east and west

A mixture of ancient Ayurveda wisdom and scientific techniques

Personal Touch

We run live sessions during which personal doubts are entertained. We also help you to customise your routine

Clap Back to procrastination

This workshop equips you with practical techniques against procrastination and also helps in the prioritization of tasks

Productivity 10X

Increases your potential and helps you do a lot in less time

Healthy Lifestyle

Clockwise helps you to cultivate a new, healthy morning routine. Presented in a beautiful, yet simple and Zen-like manner


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Don’t just take our word for it
Look at our results!

Meet Your Trainer

Jatin Gulati

I’m the founder of Clockwise and Annapoorna. I work with BYJU’s as a content specialist and I am a trainee under Ayush Ministry for Yoga and Wellness Certification. I have also trained and inspired students for the UPSC examination.

I have empowered thousands of people to unleash their potential and live healthier, productive, and stress-free life.

I believe self-knowledge is the key to success and the answer to all questions whether in career, health, relationships or life.


This workshop is for anyone and everyone, who fancy a disciplined routine and wants to up-skill their life.

Orientation day-06:00p.m to 7:00pm

Rest 5 Days- 5:30am to 7:00 am

Don’t fret! On the Orientation day, you will be given tricks and stepwise scientific tips to sleep early so that you can wake up early the next morning.

In my last few workshops, 80% of the participants were recovering from Covid. So sleep during Covid is perfectly fine. 

In this workshop, you will become aware of good and bad sleep.

Of course, if you have a genuine reason to not attend the workshop

Bring your best self, and your companions for life – a pen, a notebook and a water bottle

Whenever you are beginning to try something new, your body will take some time to adapt and will eventually change for the best.

Unlike other workshops in the market, revolving around lifeless theoretical concepts and empty motivational speeches, the 5-day Clockwise workshop is practical in approach, gamified, experience-based, and makes you your life coach.

It will be one hour and 30 minutes of a live workshop with me on Zoom.

By joining you will be able to legitimise your routine as well as by applying a few tricks the quality of your routine will uplift.

5:00 am has a specific combination of scientific & spiritual benefits which helps one to manifest their goals easily.

Be a part of our community and
experience the life you always wanted.

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